Gaspar noe we fuck alone

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Gaspar Noe Doing Small-Scale, “Joyful Porn” Film Next

gaspar noe we fuck alone
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We Fuck Alone (Gaspar No/u00e9, 2006)

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Sign in. Watch now. After a volcano, a small village from where no one can escape.
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Destricted is a British-American drama film series that explores the line where art and We Fuck Alone (Gaspar Noe) - A man and a woman masturbate to the same porn film in different rooms. (23min 31s). The US version () runs at
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We Fuck Alone

The film opens with the image of a beautiful young woman being rimmed on TV. As we pull back we encounter a young teenager being eaten by a large teddy bear before the narrative settles on a young man masturbating as he watches porn on the TV. Provoking a perceptual and visceral reaction to both what is seen and the way it is shown, we are drawn into a solitary self-referential world of simultaneous seduction and repulsion.
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From love, pleasure, luxury, to nihilism and despair, we are drawn into hallucinatory worlds and stories at the edge of the human where the deepest and most primitive parts of ourselves are triggered, evoked, frightened. Here is a selection of short films of the controversial French-Argentinian director. The plague spreads, the food became scarce, and the weakest were killed. A woman, after visiting her lover, need to cross a bridge to get to his house, but on the way is murdered by a maniac. These events are observed by a kind of God guarding the mysterious village.


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  1. Destricted is a British-American drama film series that explores the line where art and pornography intersect.

  2. Like most of Noe's film, 'We Fuck Alone' suggests an altered state. Short documentary by Gaspar Noe filmed around the the same time as Irreversible (in.

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