News anchor turned pornstar

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News Anchor to Porn Star - Jim Walker Tells His Story of How He Became Dallas Steele

news anchor turned pornstar
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Dirty Talking Female News Anchor 10 part 2

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But now he has hung up his microphone and taken off his clothes to work in the gay porn and escort industry under a new moniker of Dallas Steele. He said he would miss "telling great stories," and "the rush of sharing breaking news" but not "the schizophrenic management at every station". Despite receiving some gentle ribbing about his career change being the result of a mid-life crisis, Mr Walker is talking his new role seriously and recently indulged in silicone bottom implants, paid for by an escorting client.
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Porn Star or TV News Anchor?

Rather, a number of media professionals seem to have an odd connection to another seedy profession: pornography! Nor are we saying that Rupert Murdoch got where he is today as a Media Mogul by showing a little skin. But for whatever reason there seems to be a very high incidence of media personalities sharing the same names of porn stars.

Former fresh-faced news anchor Jim Walker won two regional Emmys which reported that Walker is working as a porn star under the name.
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Local L.A. Newscaster Or Porn Star?

However, he gave it all up after the pressure of ratings got too much.
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It turns out the photo was from a food blog Lee spoke with back in and simply featured the FNC anchor enjoying a blueberry lemonade. Lee has fired back, issuing the following statement on her Facebook page:. And not even funny!

Paige Jennings, Wall Street intern turned porn star, is now trying her hand at YouTube

Their lips are plumper. Their bods are buffer. Their boobs are much, much, larger. They frequently look like the porn version of what a local newscaster should look like.

Paige Jennings, the former porn star known as Veronica Vain, is working her way towards becoming a YouTube star. Credit: Paige Jennings. Jennings is now trying her hand at becoming a YouTube celebrity and focusing on playing video games in an industry known as e-sports, which has become a near billion-dollar industry over the past few years.

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