Anr adult breastfeeding

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These adults breastfeed each other for sexual pleasure. And it's really beautiful.

anr adult breastfeeding
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Remember me., Illustration by Eleanor Doughty.

But many adults still do it, even the briefest search on social media brings up plenty of talk about Adult Nursing Relationships (ANR).
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Erotic lactation is sexual arousal by breastfeeding on a woman's breast. Depending on the context, the practice can also be referred to as adult suckling, adult nursing, and adult breastfeeding.

They have a clear affection for each other, touching each other gently on the shoulder when one says something the other appreciates and often looking at each other lovingly throughout conversation. Their respect and adoration for one another comes through even over a Skype call from their home in Queensland, Australia. Their home appears cozy and comfortable, and Garett works long hours while Ellie stays home and tends to household needs. For many, there is a sexual aspect to the nursing part of their relationship, but Adult Nursing Relationships ANRs are not strictly sexual. On the social media site FetLife, which serves people interested in BDSM and kink, a few thousand users discuss how they simply enjoy the act of suckling or exchanging milk while cuddling or watching TV on some nights, while on other nights the milk exchange may be part of their foreplay or sex itself. The dynamics of these relationships can be incredibly varied, and they are not limited to heterosexual pairings there are many women who enjoy the act of suckling a partner, too.

I have always been fascinated by lactation. By breasts, breastmilk, the art of feeding. But in March , the canopy concealing this unusual prepossession even from myself , was blown wide open by a person I had briefly known at school, who I came to know as Zoo. Most commonly, this is to feed another child as in cases of adoption, or another non-biological child.

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