Day in the life of an escort

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What Life is Like as a High Priced Escort

day in the life of an escort
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Proof Money Brings Bitches - Day in the life

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26 Escorts Reveal What Their First Day At “Work” Was Like

I have seen how prostitition has increased in the just-over-a-decade that I have been in the sex industry I never ever imagined this would have been my life!, What is life like being a high priced escort?

“During my sophomore year of college, my life changed. I became an escort.”

The year-old woman, who does not give her name, answered questions which disclosed how much she makes, her preferences when it comes to clients and much more. I have a few brothers," she explains. That was awkward for us.
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My first time was only about a month ago. - I was recently commissioned to write an audio sitcom for audible.

My life in sex: the 26-year-old escort

When we think of the sex industry, the first images that come to mind for most of us tend to be streetwalkers, dingy brothels in back alleys, and emaciated women in fishnet stockings taking tips with empty eyes. I certainly did. However, contrary to popular belief, as I learned after meeting Samantha X, this is simply not the case. The sex industry is a booming and highly organized enterprise, populated by savvy businesswomen who wear Dolce and Gabbana, not ripped tights and sequinned mini-skirts.

This story is part of a series called Craigslist Confessional. Each story is written as it was told to her. By sharing them, she hopes to facilitate acceptance and understanding of issues that are seldom publicly discussed, at the risk of fear, stigma, and ostracism.

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