9 celebrities who tried online dating

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11 Celebrities who use online dating to find love

9 celebrities who tried online dating
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10 Celebrities Who've Used Online Dating Sites Just Like Normals

Online dating is a tricky proposition at the best of times but now it comes with the added bonus of possibly meeting a celebrity - including actual Katy Perry! - There was a point where online dating was only for those who had been unlucky in love for a long time and were willing to find any algorithm that landed them a date after a lengthy dry spell.

9 Celebrities Who Have Tried Online Dating

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Next time it's 2 a. Because as online dating gets more and more popular and all your friends can't stop raving about whatever new dating app is the best , just know that your fave stars are right there with you, swiping away and probably facing just as many jerks out there as you are. How comforting! In all seriousness, more and more celebs are online dating , and that, for one, makes me feel just a little better about my life. Celebs all across the Hollywood spectrum from Hilary Duff to Martha Stewart to Halle Berry to Andy Cohen and many, many more are trying their hand at online dating, and their love-hate relationship with these apps go in cycles, just like the rest of ours. And while some have had amazing experiences One met her fiance! But isn't that the beauty of online dating?!

Celebrities and public figures are frequenting online dating platforms to meet people. For celebrities, finding true love and going on dates is quite challenging and tasking. The reasons are not far-fetched. They have busy schedules location shoots, tours, promotions, concerts, media rounds and also due to security reasons and for fear of a possible stalker, they hardly mingle. But with the growing popularity of online dating apps and the anonymity that comes with such platforms, a lot of celebrities are flocking to these dating sites to find their soul mates.

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