Dating a boss ce-2

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Boss CE-2 Chorus 1980

dating a boss ce-2

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A Decade of Shimmer: The History of BOSS Chorus Pedals From 1975 to 1985

A Decade of Shimmer: The History of BOSS Chorus Pedals From 1975 to 1985

Boss Effects

Technically speaking, the chorus effect is created by duplicating the input signal, modulating the pitch of the duplicate, and combining the two signals again. Ever on the pulse , Roland immediate took note of the following that the JC series had amassed among guitarists, and in response they released what was to be most iconic guitar pedals in history. With Roland shifting the focus of its BOSS division towards a series compact pedals in , it was only a matter of time before their famous chorus sound was downsized. And in October , the CE-2 was unveiled. The CE-2 shares similar circuitry to the CE-1, however to fit the circuit into a compact enclosure BOSS were forced to make a number of changes, such as the removal of the vibrato function, the stereo output, the volume and intensity knobs and the integrated power supply. To accommodate for this second output jack, the engineers at BOSS used an unorthodox knob layout that was widely criticised as it blocked view of the LED. Tonally, the CE-3 sounded very similar to the CE-2, with the addition of a stereo mode selector that enabled switching between a panning chorus effect that emulates multiple guitars and a vibrato-style effect.

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