Sophie dee before implants

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Top 20+: Pornstars Before & After Breast Enlargement, Boob Job (2019)

sophie dee before implants
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Fav Porn Star of the week- @sophiedee (Sophie Dee)

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Top 20: Best & Worst Pornstar Boob Jobs (Before & After) (2019)

Before and After Porn Star Boob Jobs!

Subreddit dedicated to the Welsh pornstar Sophie Dee. before x9 Personally I prefer the small tits/big ass combo but her implants are well.
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Boobjob – Sophie Dee

You are not logged in Log in Register to Post. So sad. So unnecessary. It's kind of a slap in the face to a long time fan like myself. But whatever. One of the things I loved most about Sophie was how natural she looked. Oh well.

Ah, the joys of enhancing your looks and hiding the ugly truth. Today no-one really cares whether you have fake or real boobs, as long as they look good. From success stories of ugliest pornstars becoming mediocre sluts after the breast enlargement to mediocre looking gold-diggers landing rich husbands due to the silicone injections. To show you the truth and actual looks of many pornstars, we did not do a lame list of before and after make-up or some other overused non-sense. Things can go wrong in the operating room, but having now viewed 50 photos, we can only conclude one thing: boob jobs rock and everyone should do this shit, including grandmothers and your mom. This is not the worst tits we have seen, and if you think they are bad, just wait… The end result is of course awesome, might bit too round for my liking as the enlarged tits appear to be close to exploding.

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