Sleeping butt plug

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sleeping butt plug
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In fact it is much more comfortable to sleep while plugged than it is to be plugged during Do you keep the butt plug in while sleeping also?.
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How Long Can You Keep A Butt Plug In?

I don't think there are dangers unless you are wearing plugs constantly which. Ould stretch your sphincter permanently beyond repair. Wearing one at night very well could cause an erotic dream as it presses your prostrate along with most men getting hard ons at night too.

Sleeping with a Buttplug??
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It may have come to your attention or you may have seen videos of persons wearing princess butt plugs too so many public places which are inclusive of workplaces, schools, shopping malls among many others. It may seem fun at first, but you should take great caution when you think of doing the same, this is because the prolonged usage of butt plugs may be a downside for your health. The standard time that is widely accepted that one can wear a butt plug should be not more than hours, even if you may think you are as comfortable as you may need to. Your rectum walls and mostly close to your sphincter, are more likely to have reduced blood flow when there is pressure inserted for much longer. This can cause damage to the rectum and you are even likely to get ulcers. It is an indisputable fact that when you feel pain or experience any type of discomfort when using your glass plug , that you should without delay unplug this.

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