Kenia cuban flag

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Cuba at the 1999 Pan American Games

kenia cuban flag

Stunning Cuban Flag Body Painting

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Cuba women's national volleyball team

Since Last February 6, the prisoners kept fasting as a reaction to the abuses committed against them and the conditions of their detention for more than a decade, without any official charges in most cases. - Hidden behind tall wooden doors on an unassuming street on the edge of town, Finca Kenia is a tranquil hideaway with spectacular views over the surrounding Santa Rosa Valley.

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President Hugo Chavez, together with the people and government of Venezuela, sent its warmest congratulations to revolutionary leader Raul Castro, on his reelection as President of the Council of State of Cuba, said a statement from the Venezuelan Foreign Ministry. Through direct and secret vote, the member of Parliament also confirmed Ana Maria Mari Machado as vice president and Miriam Brito as secretary, as they did in the previous period. In the Havana Convention Center, usual venue of Parliament, those elected in the elections of February 3 presented the certificates accrediting them as members and signed their oaths, with an attendance of According to the note, the exchange of views between them covered the impressions of the visit to Cuba of the Russian leader, the signing of important agreements between the two countries, and other international issues. This book, Vilma: A Special Woman, an accurate portrait of an indispensable Cuban, brings back to us the heroine who loved everything she did, who changed the lives of numerous people and who proved that a delicate woman can also be the strongest pillar.

A wonderful, home-from-home on the outskirts of Trinidad, where Kenia and her family live. The entire farm is quirky, eclectic and full of character, so typically Cuban.

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