Goda devi bhajan

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Shree Balaji Mandir, Fanaswadi

goda devi bhajan

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Shree Balaji Mandir, Fanaswadi

The Devi was also known as Andal or Ranganayaki. She was intensely devoted to Lord Ranganatha. Sje dedicated her life to him alone, her every thought was for him. This even made the great Yamunacharya and the great Ramanujacharya her devotees.

Question: Amma, you seem to be giving more importance to bhakti devotion than to any other path. Why is this so? Amma: When you say bhakti, do you mean just repeating a mantra and singing devotional songs? That alone is not bhakti. True devotion is discriminating between the eternal and the ephemeral. It is to surrender oneself to the Infinite. What Amma advises is practical bhakti that is, how to apply bhakti in our day-to-day life.

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