How to get your girlfriend to give head

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How to Talk to Your Wife or Girlfriend about Oral Sex

how to get your girlfriend to give head
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Okay so most people are probably going to say 'you can't make her do it, love is about respect, blah blah' which is true and your number one.
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My Wife Used To Go Down On Me a Lot, and Now, Nothing

How come something one gender so desperately wants is often unpleasant or downright appalling for the other gender to provide? Dozens of possible explanations exist, yet most of them seem to focus on women, because obviously they are the ones with the problem, right?

Are you disappointed by the little nothings you're getting down there? Use these 16 ways to get your girl to give you more head, and see the difference!.
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It's time you changed things up so BOTH of you are happier in bed. Make sure you jump in the shower before you think anything is going to go down, that way you can be prepared for whatever might happen.

With the right partner, and as long as both partners are on the same page, giving a blow job is actually not the worst thing in the world! But the whole experience could definitely be better if men knew what all women were dealing with when they venture down to treacherous realm of penisland. When you're that up close and personal with a penis, size is actually one of the last things on your mind. Unless you're gifted with a penis that's actually too big to fit in someone's mouth, no one is thinking about size when they're giving a blow job. Bodies sweat. Sweat has an odor. Your boxers are not a self-cleaning oven for your penis.

Updated: July 30, References. Many men find oral sex to be a sensual and intimate part of lovemaking, but not all women are readily open to giving it or receiving it until there is some discussion to address their fears and put them at ease. It can feel uncomfortable or even awkward to start the conversation, but talking about intimate matters with your partner will help build trust and intimacy even if she's initially opposed to the idea. The first step is asking, but know that there are more respectful, open ways to do it than others. If you want to talk to your wife or girlfriend about oral sex, start by discussing your sexual desires and fantasies with each other.

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