Neji vs tenten

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Neji & Tenten vs Sound Trio

neji vs tenten
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Joi Tenten - Jerk off instruction fran/u00e7ais Tenten (Naruto)

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Tenten GIFs

Tenten GIFs

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Disclaimer : As always, I don't own anything. Except that's mine. Which is this plot And for me, this chapter including the last one would have been really long But anyway, here's chapter four! And once again, I'm sorry I couldn't post this sooner, but really, wouldn't let me get on.

Note : I have focused more on the manga than the anime since some people don't even consider anime to be canon; more specifically, the fillers within the anime, even in the Naruto I half. Personally, I consider these fillers within the Naruto timeline to be, if not canon, then certainly time to observe personality and character interpretation by at least an anime group. And trust me -- if it isn't here, it either doesn't exist, isn't true, or hasn't been calculated yet.

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