Big breast exam

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Why Monthly Breast Self Exams Are a Thing of the Past (and What's Replacing Them)

big breast exam
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Mammography on Small Breasts

Breast self-exam, or regularly examining your breasts on your own, can one full menstrual cycle or seem to get bigger or more prominent in.
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Breast Asymmetry

Notice: Revised breast cancer screening guidelines issued in November Many women, particularly those with small breasts, are worried that a mammogram will be painful and may not accurately detect breast cancer. While mammography does involve breast compression , which may be temporarily uncomfortable for some women, the procedure should not be significantly painful for any patient.

How should I check my breasts?

You may notice that a part of your breast feels different from the rest, being less "squishy" and more "dense". This can be a normal part of menstruation or breastfeeding. The thickening can be in the skin which is a sign of Inflammatory Breast Cancer or deeper in the breast. This thickening is caused when cancer cells are blocking circulation in the breast via blood or lymph vessels or a tumor is growing near the surface of the skin. This is different from a hard lump, which is caused by cancer cells that grow very close together. Note: This is not to be confused with "breast density" which doesn't refer to how a breast feels. Breast density can only be determined through a mammography report.

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