Gta 5 mrs phillips

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Mrs. Philips (mission)

gta 5 mrs phillips
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Mrs. Philips

The mission starts out with Trevor entering his trailer to find an elderly woman, his mother inside. Trevor grows visibly shocked and Mrs. Philips chastises Trevor for his lifestyle and for not contacting her while in prison. She expresses her disappointment in her son and wonders if he is gay, because she supposedly always wanted a gay son. Her sentiments get to Trevor who gets down on his knees and hugs his mother, sobbing uncontrollably. Philips describes how she is old and in pain and asks Trevor to steal large amounts of painkillers for her. Cookies help us deliver our services.

As unbelievable as it may seem, Trevor is actually human and has a mother. This Stranger and Freaks mission revolves around Trevor 's relationship with his mom. The mission begins when Trevor enters his trailer in Blaine County. Upon entering the trailer, a cut scene occurs, revealing an older lady in the trailer.

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