Women bathing outside

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A Sympathetic Look at Bathsheba

women bathing outside
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Wow... impressive Desi village woman Bathing outside

This article is available in Spanish here. Bathsheba has been unjustly criticised and judged by a number of people. She is described as a seductress by some, and as a conniving political opportunist by others, but I do not believe either of these descriptions match with how she is portrayed in Scripture.

But what exactly is moon bathing? Artemis recommends venturing outside when the moon is in its waxing gibbous, waning gibbous and full moon phases. Some women claim that the moon has an influence over their moods. How do you practise moon bathing? Well, there are many ways to moon bathe. Preferably you'd go and collect it again before the sun comes up and make sure it doesn't touch the ground again until you pour it into the bath.

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