Men stripping women

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5 men in court for stripping woman in Kayole

men stripping women
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This Video Of A Woman Stripping For A Man Reveals A Dark Truth About Living In The Closet

A Nakuru-based preacher has warned men stripping ladies in the country that they were attracting a curse from God. Pastor Andrew Mwangi of Jubilee Christian church said this was showing disrespect and dishonour to the women, which was against Gods will.

Six men in court after ‘stripping off and throwing poo at each other which hit woman on train’

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Kenyan men charged in Nairobi after 'stripping' woman

The men who included one whose hearing is impaired however failed to take pleas due to the absence of a sign language interpreter but are expected to do so on Friday. Police say they are in possession of evidence implicating the five in the attack that forced the assaulted female to seek medical care at the Mama Lucy Hospital. On Monday an Administration Police Officer was charged alongside a matatu tout for the attempted undressing and assault of a school girl inside a matatu, again in Kayole. READ Cop among 2 charged with stripping woman. Female legislators had demanded that the Inspector General of Police arrest those who participated in the stripping of women in recent weeks or resign. And in addition to the arraignment of these suspects, Nairobi CID chief Nicholas Kamwende announced on Thursday, that the police had formed an anti-stripping police squad. There has been umati a crowd watching but doing nothing.

By Telegraph Men. But, according to new research, that person's motivation changes depending on whether they are male or female. While women turn to 'exotic dancing' due to a need for cash and, often, a diminished sense of self-worth, men tend to strip to fuel their egos.

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