Thigh gap pictures tumblr

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Beyonce accused of photoshopping her thigh gap again in latest bikini photos

thigh gap pictures tumblr

Thigh Gap Fitness Girl from YouTube 2 (No Sound)

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As with any desire to change a certain body part, it becomes a problem when it is something one obsesses over. Looking through the hashtags on thigh gap pictures, you may find things relating to eating disorders.

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Bey was kind enough to floss her bawwwwwdy for us all on the internets and haters are messing it up by causing a stupid ThighGapGate! Do you believe Queen Bey photoshops her thighs thinner? According to Mail Online reports :.

QUEEN Bey has copped the wrath of angry fans accusing the singer, yet again, of photoshopping her famous curves in favour of that pesky thigh gap. Beyonce is in hot water over recent bikini pics that may or may not be photoshopped. HAS Beyonce photoshopped her famous curves in favour of the pesky thigh gap again?

This article is from the archive of our partner. It's associated with anorexia and an obsessive desire to be as thin as possible. The ITG trend is female-focused: the photos are artful, often black and white, and pretty , even. Posters crib from fashion blogs, which allows them to feature nail art and emaciated legs all in one frame. The ITG trend is, obviously, disturbing. It makes extreme thinness seem glamorous instead of scary.

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