Sailor moon crystal episode 9

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sailor moon crystal episode 9
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Posted by Jess on November 3, But boy oh boy, does Kotono Mitsuishi ever deliver with some fantastic voice acting. Before succumbing to the blackness, Mamoru recalls his past life as Endymion, prince of Earth.
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Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon Crystal

A young girl is granted special powers and joins a group searching for a missing princess and a legendary Silver Crystal. While trying to protect Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Mask loses consciousness. Out of sorrow, Sailor Moon awakens as Princess Serenity.

Sailor Moon Crystal Act 9 Review :: Serenity, Princess

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Act 9 - Serenity, Princess (episode)

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  1. Perfect. The VA, the art, following the manga storyline You can see and hear the beginnings of Neo Queen Serenity here. And the feeling of loyalty strength.

  2. Welcome back to our ongoing episode reviews of Sailor Moon Crystal! Lots of drama here in episode 9, so you know we're filled with awkward.

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