Girls with no ass

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Flat Ass Girls

girls with no ass
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This Body-Shaming Troll Tweeted That ‘Girls With No Ass’ Ruin Guys’ Days And Twitter Clapped Back

Yoga pants., Wow, first off I never condone online bullying, I also would love to be called thicc as I suffer from no-ass syndrome.

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Big butts became a huge no pun intended thing in I mean, big butts have been seen as signs of sexy, awesome, womanliness since pretty much the beginning of time, but they really started trending in mainstream media for the first time last year which just kinda shows you how much mainstream concepts of beauty had been missing out on before then. And while I'm eternally in awe of these bubble butts all around me, they don't do anything to diminish the powerful love I have for my own admittedly super flat ass. Despite what popular culture and conventional standards of sexiness would have us believe, there are definitely some reasons flat asses are just as great as big booties. Since my childhood in the '90's, the world around me, which exceedingly validates a big, round bottom as the shape to want, has been giving me a lot of insecurities about my rear end.

How quaint. Girls with no ass.

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