Bet your ass

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bet your ass

bet your ass
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Mom, I bet your ass and I lost - Carrie Ann

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you bet your assunknown means you can be absolutely sure. Don't you love the other chick? you bet your ass I do. by THEBEDBUG October 20,
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You Bet Your Ass That's a Boulder

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you bet your ass

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Scholars are not all in agreement on this, but the leading theory claims that the original phrase was bet your bottom dollar and was a reference to the notorious gambling habits of the time. In a game of poker, a very popular card game for gambling, a player takes chips equivalent to certain denominations of money from the top of their pile to throw into the betting pot. By the time they lost enough chips to reach the bottom of their pile, they would have to be very certain in their cards' strength in order to bet their last dollar.

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