Homemade liquid ass

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How To Make A Stink Bomb

homemade liquid ass

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Make Liquid Ass Spray

Best results are obtained when used indoors. Squirt liberally with a sweeping motion over a large surface area.

Isn't the whole point of those battery-operated automatic fresheners to make things smell good?
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College Pranks

Once in, secretly take out a bottle of 'Liquid Ass' and either spray a bunch or if it's a . Reach in your cabinet and make your own homemade cooking spray.
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Are you interested in how to make a stink bomb?, Is the life being sucked out of you on a daily basis?

Office Pranks

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College pranks are the highest expression of college humor. The slapstick style humor of pranks provides a needed outlet in the high pressure environment of college. With hundreds of students crowded into college dorms enduring the strains of demanding class schedules, a few well-done, funny pranks can make the semester bearable. Humor and laughter are proven stress relievers, and a few Liquid ASS pranks can help you deal with the pressure of college. Watching the grimaces of roommates, fellow-students, and professors as they endure the intense butt-crack stench of Liquid ASS will have you reeling with laughter. Hearing their comments as to "what the hell is that smell" will provide another dose of mental-health-saving humor. Follow our Suggested Uses , and you will be doing an "Oh, shit!

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