My girlfriend has a big ass

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my girlfriend has a big ass
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10 Reasons Why Girls With Big Butts Are Awesome

I dated one girl who had a smaller ass and her tailbone was bit long. It would hurt my pelvic bone when hitting from behind, since then, fatass is.
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I am obsessed with big butts. They're just so pretty to look at. They lecture me for hours and I just sit there and laugh in my head because I get them every time I've actually done some research and found out that having a big butt is amazing for more than one reason. So here are 10 reasons why girls with big butts are awesome. An Oxford university study has shown that women with big butts are more intelligent than women with flat butts. Scientists are actually getting paid for this, it's amazing.

Need Help? United States. Results 1 to 18 of Thread: That feel when your girlfriend has an extremely big booty pic. That feel when your girlfriend has an extremely big booty pic Brb had a nice booty when she was 15 Brb turns to big booty when shes 20 brb lets me lick dat azz brb lets me restrain her to bed with restraints It's good to be me.

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