Very fine ass

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Sam Heughan Gives An Interview All About His 'Fine Ass'

very fine ass
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“Pain in the ass? Really? Well, you can just kiss my ass.” “It would be my pleasure, belleza, as you have a very fine ass.” He gave her a brief wink along with that.
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Sam Heughan of 'Outlander' Doesn't Mind If You Objectify His 'Fine Ass'

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Yes, the time Michelle Obama didn't know what to do with the nice gift from Melania Trump. The site on the left is Gateway Pundit , which often posts false information. The editor of the site, Jim Hoft, has said he expects to get a spot in the White House press corps soon.
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By any measure the first series of Derry Girls , the whip-smart sitcom about four girls and a transplanted English boy grappling with teenage frustrations in Northern Ireland during the Troubles, was quite the success. The first episode pulled in an impressive 1. So when it was time for series two, no wonder McGee, whose previous work includes London Irish and Being Human , initially froze.
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But despite the heightened interest in his assets, the year-old Scottish actor remains impressively self-aware and humble. Hell yeah, those ridiculously perfect, bodice-ripping sex montages interfere with his personal life! On the eve of season three of the beloved Starz sci-fi series, we called him up to ask some questions.


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  2. Extremely fine, hot or attractive. It is a combination of the word fine and the suffix - ass.

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