Award for best ass in class

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33 Movies You Will Be Talking About This Awards Season

award for best ass in class
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A restaurant in Indiana has fired at least one member of management at one of their locations after a female server received a "Best Butt" award.
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All 90 Best Picture Oscar Winners Ranked

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Graphic Novels.
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At last, the Oscars are here, bringing to a close one of the more bizarre awards seasons in recent memory, what with all the controversy about a few of the nominated movies and a seemingly endless stream of very bad decisions around this Sunday's telecast. But hooray, the Oscars are here. Which movie will be the big winner when the statuettes are handed out this Sunday, February 24, , starting at 8pm EST?

Horning, E. Preston Ames, Henry Grace, and F. Yes, the creepiest, most pedophiliac movie ever to win Best Picture is this list's worst. How to define "worst" in this context, especially when judging Gigi a movie musical some people love now, and certainly many people loved in against films that were barely movies as we currently recognize them? This list is, of course, totally subjective: I factored in my personal feelings about each movie, along with how well it has held up, how influential it is, and what it was up against. And then there's the ineffability of common wisdom, which I also have taken into account. No matter how I feel about Annie Hall or about Schindler's List , for example, I know I'm in a minority view in my dislike and that matters.

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  1. Woman Upset Over Winning 'Best Butt' Award At Work And Her Coworkers Made The Situation So I feel like I'm smart, I'm going to school.

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