Ass is so tight

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ass is so tight
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My ass is tight and bottoming is painful, but I really want to get more into it - I'm sure I'd like it if it wouldn't hurt so much. Any suggestions? I'm trying to keep myself relaxed.
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Sep 28, I realize that's many a gay man's dream: a super-tight butt to fuck. But for the first time in my year-life as a sexually active guy, I'm discovering.
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Top definition. Australian slang for someone who is so careful with money they are like racoons with acorns. Sam: "That Heinz soup is too expensive. Someone who won't go out of their way to give somone else some money or help. I asked Billy for some money, but he was such a tight arse and told me to bugger off.

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  1. Not sure how else to phrase that. My and three boyfriend tried anal about a week ago but I was too tight to fit him in. What options do I have to.

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