My ass is black

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My Butthole is Dirty and Black!

my ass is black
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Black skin on buttocks?

Unlike skin on the other parts of the body, skin in the butt area is usually strong anti-bacterial properties that can help fade the black spots.
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22 Things You Should Know About Your Butt

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Is it normal that inside my butt is dark

When I started writing this post, I realized it was everywhere and as much as I have tried to put the point across, I doubt if I have done a great job but please be patient. I was managing my life after reading some posts here about accepting your body with its flaws and all. I laughed off the comment and even twerked just to prove a point but it got me thinking. This is how it happened. I was in my cute nightie, the type that is basically bum shorts and flimsy top. See me see wahala, I am a dark person, what color is my ass supposed to be please?

It can be treated with topical medications and also lasers, New York City-based certified dermatologist Dr. Michele S. Green tells BuzzFeed Life. You can get melanoma the deadliest form of skin cancer on your butt cheeks even if you've never bared your ass in the light of day. And talk to your doctor about how often you should get screened for skin cancer, based on your personal and family history.

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