Instagram ass videos

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instagram ass videos
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Kylie Jenner deleted Instagram video, big ass

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22 Celebs Who Shared Butt Selfies on Instagram

Cardi B got real intimate with fans on Instagram on Wednesday night after social media speculation about a photo showing the rapper and husband Offset kissing on the red carpet at the Billboard Music Awards. She cleared up the confusion on Instagram in a now-deleted video. My pussy right here.

Amber Rose's Ass Drop Instagram Video

All summer long, you've scrolled through a ton of belfies aka butt selfies on your Instagram feed and ones from celebs are no exception. To commemorate the end of the season approaching, here's a collection of the best celebrity butts to exist on Instagram.

Almost every time I post an ass-centric photo to my Instagram account, I get more likes than any other photo on my feed. In the comments, strangers will leave emojis of peaches, or instruct me to direct mention them for re-posts and shout-outs. It's not a terribly surprising trend, given the simple workings of "putting it out there" on the internet. Yet, it still catches me off guard that there are people, many in fact, who are so tuned in, they are somehow alerted every time a stranger posts a flattering photo of her own ass. Here's the thing about my ass: I am very fond of it. When butts started to overshadow breasts as the female body part that was socially acceptable to tirelessly flaunt, I rejoiced. Here was a social trend I could genuinely participate in.

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