Fine fat ass

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fine fat ass
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The internet doesn't care if you're healthy -- it just doesn't want you to be fat.
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Fat Ass Art

I am fucking fat, and you have to deal with it. - As a Christmas gift to myself, I decided to investigate the hype surrounding this maximalist trail running shoe from France, used by, among other ultra running luminaries, Karl Meltzer.

With his bobble hat and smile its like being at The Barkley Marathons if it was organised by South Park.
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Fatasses are fun. Anyone can put one on. Celebrate your birthday, some neat trails, or just get some fun people to get together and run long on a weekend with no other local races. I have put on the Burning Man Ultramarathon for five years, which started as a fatass, and still kind of is, but has grown much bigger.

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