I got a fat ass

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The Glorious Power of a Fat Ass

i got a fat ass
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My Best Friend Got A Fat Ass

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Fat Ass Lyrics:: / Shawty got a full swag / And she got a fat ass / I can't let dat ass pass / So gone get dat ass fast / I got so much cash / Baby I keep rats / Baby got.
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If you want to shrink your butt, exercise your glutes with dead lifts, squats, and lunges so that it looks smaller and more toned. Since extra fat on your butt makes it look bigger, add more cardio like running or swimming to your workout routine to burn extra calories. Another way to make your butt look smaller is to eat more nutritiously so you can build muscle and lose weight. To do this, eat a healthy amount of dairy and protein like eggs, chicken, low-fat yogurt, and milk. It may be hard, but try to avoid empty calories like junk food and soda since those will just get stored in your body as fat. Instead, opt for healthy alternatives like fruit, vegetables, and water.

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