Big ass award

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big ass award
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Mia K - Blowjob MVP Award Winner (for Poolside Sucking Lesson) XxX [2015]

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Gray Receives National Tilt-Up Achievement Award for Big Ass Fans Design-Build Project

Wisconsin school ending cheerleading awards for 'big boobie' and 'big booty' after ACLU letter

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2017 Big Ass Face Awards Nominees & Winners [PHOTOS]

Tremper High School, part of the Kenosha Unified School District, has been holding an annual award ceremony for cheerleaders for at least five years. And in prior years, the coaches, at least some of whom are female, made comments about the girls' vaginas during the ceremony, which is held for between and people, including family and friends of the cheerleaders and Kenosha Unified School District staff, the ACLU said. During the awards, a parent told the ACLU that "coaches 'laughed hysterically' when handing the big boobie award to its recipient and made comments on the microphone about 'what a feat' it was that this student could maneuver through cheer routines with her 'enormous boobs,'" the letter said. Everybody loves her butt. We're demanding Tremper High School stop distributing objectifying awards, including awards for the "Biggest Booty," or "Biggest Boobies. After the ceremony, a female coach for another sport at the school emailed both the principal, Steven Knecht, and one of the cheerleading coaches, according to the ACLU's letter. Actually we have ran it this way for years and have never had a problem," according to the ACLU's letter, which did not identify the coach.

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