Dat fine ass

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Dat Fine Ass

dat fine ass
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Can you believe shes only nineteen!? - Chessie Rae

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A phrase people use for 'that butt' to make it use slang. Dat ass be looking fine #ass#dat ass#that butt#butt#slang. by amandastarkey
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The original picture reveals the young Southern rapper biting his lower lip while trying to listen to someone speaking in the audience. Since its inception, both the facial expression and the catchphrase "Dat Ass" have been used as a popular response to rump threads.

A fellow anon responded to the thread with a found photograph of rapper Rich Boy, slapping the words Dat Ass on the image for good measure.
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She Bad (feat. YG)

Bitch you is fine Dat ass is divine it's finer than wine Bitch you is fine dat smile's design yo teeth got some shine ima take you to dine bitch you is.
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Dat ass, dat ass, dat ass, dat ass Dat ass, dat ass, dat ass, dat ass She bad, she bad, she bad, she bad She bad, she bad, she bad, she bad Gucci bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag, Fendi bag Prada bag, Louis bag, Gucci bag, Gucci bag Birkin bag, she in the bag, she drip, she swag Never mad, she glad, Louis bag, she in the bag. Look, look Momma needs some mill money cash Prada bag and heel money See my ex, he still love me ha New nigga 'gon kill for me yeah All my chains got diamonds in it bling My account got commas in it cash Damn daddy, you fine as hell I hope your wallet got condoms in it I'm up, she mad, I'm first, she's last yeah Rob who? Take what?

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  1. That ass though. A woman can be an idiot, or have an ugly face, but if she has a nice ass it makes you want to say "dat ass doe" The same is.

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