Pokespe black and white

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Black & White chapter (Adventures)

pokespe black and white
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Black (Adventures)

He has been dreaming of this since childhood, nine years to be exact. - The games on which it is based on and the first chapter were published 6 years ago way back in

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Black is a tall, thin boy. He has medium length, messy mud brown hair and brown eyes. He wears a black and grey t-shirt underneath a sky blue jacket that has a sea blue neck and cuffs and a white zip with grey, slightly baggy pants. He is described also to be 'hot-blooded' because of his loud nature and tendency to do difficult tasks by himself. Black does not understand the meanings of show business like White , as many different aspects of show business surprise him. Black is also familiar with libraries, going there a lot as a child. Also because of Black having many dreams, he cannot exactly think straight.

After nine years of waiting, Black finally earned his Pokedex and starter from Prof. Juniper, and began his quest to conquer the Pokemon League in the region of Unova. Impulsive and overtly obsessed with his Champion dream, Black often found himself caught up in unexpected trouble, and had to rely on his Munna to clear his mind in order to gain clarity to solve his problems, a moment which he referred to as 'Detective Time'. On his journey, he met White, the president of the BW Agency, a girl who dreamt of raising the best Pokemon actors and actresses. Together, they travelled across the land of Unova to pursue their dreams, but soon crossed paths with Team Plasma, an organization who challenged the notion of Pokemon ownership and preached the idea of Pokemon liberation.

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