Archer lana and pam

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archer lana and pam
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Archer - Lana Kane

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Pam Poovey

Lana Anthony Kane is the deuteragonist in the Archer series. Lana has aspirations for advancement as a master spy and has considered positions offered by ODIN , both at their international headquarters [1] and as Regional Director for the Americas [2] , although her strong leftist views often cause friction between her and her job.

Lana's Sexual Partners

The scene shifts to a bar where Pam and Cyril happen to be drinking, where Cyril shows a ring with a small brown diamond on it and announces that he's going to ask Lana to marry him. In the break room, Pam recovers from a hangover and almost blurts out loud Cyril's plan to marry Lana until he stops her.

Pam's Sexual Partners

Director at ISIS. She frequently came across personal information about the other employees that she exposed on her blog or through gossip. Pam sometimes used a dolphin hand puppet to encourage communication during H. She was later beaten with that puppet by Sterling Archer. Pam has demonstrated herself, on multiple occasions, to be extremely combat-effective, especially in subduing and incapacitating her enemies--despite a total lack of any formal close-quarter hand-to-hand combat training. However, according to Malory, a perfect score on the IFAAB merely indicates that one is a candidate for field agent status. Following Pam's pleading, Malory Archer stated that she would make a decision in her deliberation, but never did explicitly.

Meanwhile, Archer and Ray attempt to rescue Pam while everyone else weighs the dollar-value of her life. Cheryl Tunt was targeted for a kidnapping, but she misleads the kidnappers into thinking Pam Poovey is her. The kidnappers subdue Pam using a stun gun. When Cheryl gets to ISIS , she explains her tardiness by revealing that she was the target of a kidnapping.

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  1. Following Pam's pleading, Malory Archer stated that she would make a decision In "Dial M for Mother," she guilted Lana Kane into having sex with her on the.

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