Stand and carry sex position

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How much do you like the stand and carry position?

stand and carry sex position
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Some of the techniques are just for fun, while some of them are for the flexible and fit., Sign up or log in to share.

Make your man melt in orgasmic bliss using the Stand & Carry sex position. If you want him to become addicted to sex with you, then you need to try it.
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Different sex positions may be your favorite for different reasons one of them is probably a favorite because it's an old standby.
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Top definition. Verb; The act of running while being engaging in the stand and carry sexual position. The penetrating partner runs, while carrying the receiving partner whose arms are wrapped around his neck, and legs around his waist, having the vagina or anus penetrated by the man's penis, thus resembling a sprinting ostrich. I was fucking this bitch on the beach when the po-po turned up, so I picked her up and we ostriched outta there! The wedding took a strange turn when Jack and Molly started ostriching up and down the church aisle.

But do not fret! Not only are you mixing things up by indulging in sex while standing, but you also save yourself an extra load of laundry from not doing it in your bed again. If you want something to stick in the shower, try this suction foot rest. Prop your foot up on it with its sturdy and waterproof design for deeper levels of penetration.

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