Harley quinn and supergirl

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harley quinn and supergirl
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Harley Quinn [Futa] fucks Supergirl [BPA EP4] | KamadevaSFM

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Harley Quinn, Flash, and Supergirl Icon Heroes Statues Revealed

Featuring a story by Hilary J., Supergirl is blasting off to another planet in the midseason premiere on Monday, Jan.

The 'Supergirl' midseason premiere will be a family affair. Not only is the episode directed by certified comic book geek Kevin Smith, but it will also feature a guest appearance from his daughter Harley Quinn Smith.
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Harleen Quinzel heads to Gotham and ends up finding a family within a community of drag queens, while also coming under the influence of student activist Ivy as in Poison Ivy and a shadowy figure who calls himself The Joker. You are enjoying success with literary YA graphic novels and at the same time with writing Marvel and DC superhero comics. How do these genres co-exist for you?

The episode starts off with Supergirl and Batgirl in their dorm room, studying for their lessons.

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