Rihanna and drake having sex

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Rihanna and Drake appear to tease huge announcement with cryptic new website countdown

rihanna and drake having sex
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Rihanna loves her slave

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Rihanna and Drake Work hard to raise the heat at the Brits

Rihanna and Drake grinded on stage during their Brit Awards Rihanna and Drake Look Like They're Practically Having Sex During Brit.
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Rihanna and Drake Spend Their Fourth Night in a Row Together

If Rihanna and Drake really are just friends, they're really not being very convincing about it., The excitement comes after a mysterious new website with a clock counting down from 10 days, listed under both of their names, hit the web on Tuesday.

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Rihanna ruffled feathers this week when she released a pretty sexually explicit video for her track with Drake, Work. The pair performed the song together tonight, where Rihanna crotch grabbed and gyrated on the rapper. In the second video for the track, which starts immediately after the first on YouTube, the year-old twerks on Drake, grinding against him in a steamy sequence. At one point, viewers reckon Drake, 29, is supposed to be simulating a sex act with the star as she lap dances while he reclines on a sofa. YouTube put an age restriction on the video, as it was deemed inappropriate for younger viewers. Her nipples are visible throughout.

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