Best and worst states for dating

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These are the best states for finding a healthy love connection in time for Valentine’s Day

best and worst states for dating
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If your online dating experience is more awkward than romantic, maybe you have geography to blame. An AT&T retailer called All Home Connections recently.
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These Are 2018’s Best And Worst States For Singles Based On Analysis Of 27 Key Dating Indicators

The Best and Worst States for Online Dating, Mapped

Florida ranked best state for singles

Is it possible that there are no eligible single people in your entire state? Would you really have better luck if you lived across the country? Using data from several sources—including the U. Census Bureau, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, and the FBI—WalletHub judged each state based on 27 metrics that could affect dating culture, such as annual household income adjusted for cost of living a higher expendable budget might mean more frequent dates ; the number of restaurants, attractions, and other date-night activities; and the percentage of single adults.

The likelihood of running into your soulmate grocery shopping or locking eyes across the dancefloor is slim at best. Creepy Guy waiting to make his move on Aisle 3 might say otherwise, but online dating has its perks—and, depending on where you live, might just lead to your happily ever after. It turns out where you live has lots to do with online dating success. If you live in a state with more cows than people, it might be time to mooove. Lucky for you, our team at All Home Connections looked into which states use which online dating apps the most, so you can get swiping, liking, and posting! We looked at nine different metrics split into three categories: Safety, Demographics, and Opportunity.

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