Did stephen and lc hook up

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21 Shocking Secrets Kristin Cavallari Told Us About "Laguna Beach" And Beyond

did stephen and lc hook up
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'Laguna Beach' Producer Dishes On The Greatest Reality TV Beef: LC vs. Kristin

Fight us., During LC's south-of-the-border birthday trip, Stephen almost seems interested in her; meanwhile, Kristin starts working on her love triangle with Taylor and Talan.

Celebrity relationships and friendships are a rare breed.
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Kristin Cavallari has given love a try numerous times before settling down with her husband, Jay Cutler., Given the infamous series finale of The Hills , we all know the show was heavily produced.

Let the rain fall down, because Kristin Cavallari is coming clean. It's been nearly 12 years! Cavallari began dating Colletti as a sophomore in high school.

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