Old swingers pete and beulah mae

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Geriatric Dirty Dancing

old swingers pete and beulah mae
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Jan 9,
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No One Expected THIS to Happen When This Elderly Couple Walked on the Dance Floor!

Old Swingers Pete & Beulah Mae Old Couples, Elderly Couples, Dirty Dancing, Dance Beulah Mae and Pete perform a funny swing dance for the audience.
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Geriatric Dirty Dancing

Two children dance in a talent contest and do some amazing acrobats. Its just beautiful to watch them dancing its like little toy dolls are dancing, have a look.
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A video of Pete and Beulah has gone viral- garnering over 9 million views on YouTube- and it definitely proves that age is just a number and youth is a state of mind. Pete, age 70, and his wife Beulah, age 50, have enjoyed dancing together for many years.

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  1. Old Swingers Pete & Beulah Mae dance for the Old Folks.. (not my video but sharing it) Full Credit to Owner of this video, please write me if.

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