Hottest naked and afraid

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hottest naked and afraid
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After meeting for the first time, Wes and Leah notice an instant chemistry. The women told us no. Everyone says that they do not hook up while naked in the jungle.
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Naked and Afraid has become one of the Discovery Channel's biggest hits over the course eight seasons., At the end of the 21 days they must reach the extraction point, which is where they will be met with a helicopter or boat to come pick them up.

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I didn't know people actually watched that crap. I saw about 2 minutes of it and changed the channel. Honestly, you should give it a chance. It is incredible what thesepeople endure, all all the things I can't understand how they handle, it is the bugs, they are basically being eaten for 21 straight days by mosquitoes and the like.

Born and raised in America's high-five, Melissa spent most of her life in the outskirts of her hometown Fenton, Michigan. A country girl, she roamed the woods barefoot catching frogs, snakes and turtles in the creeks along her neighborhood. She learned how to fish when she was 4 years old, entering local fishing competitions and spending countless hours on the edge of her family's dock.

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  1. If your fave didn't make this Top 10 list, feel free to add her name & picture in your comments. Most of us don't watch the show because of the fact that there are naked women. awesome discussion about the Discovery channel's Naked and Afraid.

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