Goku vs zamasu and black

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Enraged goku vs goku black & zamasu dragon ball super episode 61

goku vs zamasu and black

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goku black vs trunks

I see all the answers picking Zamasu which is pretty bizarre, rewatch the Goku Black arc and you'll notice how Goku Black was always the.
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Goku Black

Black suddenly appears from a mysterious portal. Goku sees this as an opportunity to test his look-alike's power firsthand. But while the battle rages on, Black glances at the time machine with a sinister look in his eye. Gohan's Last Stand!!

Afterward, the series proceeds to tell an original story about the exploration of other universes, the reemergence of Future Trunks , and new threats to the Future Earth known as Goku Black and a Supreme Kai from Universe Ten named Zamasu. Thirteen pieces of theme music are used: two opening themes and eleven ending themes.

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