Ichigo and orihime family fanfiction

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ichigo and orihime family fanfiction

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I'm trying to make a story out of every genre, All Around the Town being mystery and Eve of the 7th for fantasy and this one is my entry for family genre. So hope you enjoy this one.
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If people ever follow me from the beginning, you know about my first Ichihime multi chap fic story, Wings of Life, Mask of Death. And I have decided to split all my stories there into separate one shots. One downside of this is I lose all my wonderful reviews.

Sorry about the late update. College have been hectic for the both of us. I mean really. But don't worry we will be updating this as much as we can. Isshin took his gaze off his grandson to his son.

He had known that he was having a son, that Orihime was giving him a child. Even more, she was giving him a family. He understood in his head that his life would change, that he would love the boy as much as he loved his wife. Even so, while Orihime was pregnant, Ichigo had trouble connecting to it all.

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