Legends of chima laval and eris dating

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legends of chima laval and eris dating
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LEGO Legends of Chima

This article is about the relationship between Laval and Eris. Laval and Eris have been friends for a very long time, and became best friends after Cragger became temporarily evil. It is hinted that they may have stronger feelings for each other, but they do not actually say it aloud to anyone.

In the episode The Warrior Within, Cragger (when he was under Crooler's manipulation by using a Persuader Plant) calls Eris Laval's girlfriend, which.
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Legends of Chima

She is a warrior of the Eagle Tribe , and the daughter of Ewald. She wields a axe-like golden weapon known as the Eglaxxor , with Chi on both sides. Like 12 other members of different tribes, Eris appears as a Hero Factory-style set, known as a "Chi form", but she does not have a "Fire Chi" form. She loves adventures and puzzles, and can spin a yarn like no other creature.

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  1. She appears in nine sets: Eris' Eagle Interceptor, Worriz's Combat Lair This article is out of date. You can help LEGO Eris is a good friend of Laval, as seen in Legends of Chima (Comic Series) Issue #1.

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