Benny and the ink machine chapter 5

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benny and the ink machine chapter 5
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BENDY AND THE INK MACHINE (chapter 1 and 2)

See Reel disambiguation for other related uses. This article is about the chapter. For the soundtrack, see The Last Reel.

Bendy and the Ink Machine often abbreviated to BATIM or just simply Bendy is an episodic first-person puzzle action survival horror video game developed and published by Kindly Beast under the name of the game's in-universe animation studio Joey Drew Studios Inc.
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When you start chapter two, you wake up from fainting. Pick up the axe and get going! You will hear the voice of. Can i get an amen? After that, continue forward and down the small hallway full of ink. Midway through, you will see some.. Strange ink monster passing through.

In frigid early April, tucked away in a corner of the Boston Convention Center, Mike Mood doesn't have time to crack under pressure. Business partners who helped bring Bendy action figures, shirts and POP! Vinyls to store shelves want to shake his hand. And all Mood actually wanted to do was head back to Canada and continue working on the game's next chapter, which he had told fans would be done "by the end of April. Bendy and The Ink Machine is a horror game with a simple premise: what if an artist loved his creations so much, he used demonic ink magic to bring them to life?

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