Percy and annabeth hook up fanfic

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percy and annabeth hook up fanfic
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If you want to leave a request, the BEST way to do that is to head over to my tumblr and leave it in my ask box. The link for my ask is on my profile now! Percy and Girly!

This is sort of my apology for taking forever with A Thousand Years. I've been working on a chapter, but can't quite get around to finishing it. I'm not in a position to promise that it'll be published soon, but I'll work on it. I do hope you enjoy this little oneshot.

AN: Another story based off artwork by burge-bug. I wonder what I'll do if she stops drawing? Haha, anyway, this is my sad attempt at a slightly sexy them I guess. So, if there's something that needs improvement don't worry criticism is welcome please tell me. Anyway, here it is. Haha, I'm having a choir concert tonight! Don't have to wish me luck, but mental support would be good.

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  1. Aug 12, The Aphrodite girls have had enough and decide Percy and Annabeth need to hook up NOW. The cabin sets up a date, while—ignoring.

  2. Feb 17, Everyone around them just "hooked up." Very few of their friends dated. No, they hooked up with people. Annabeth was a little confused as to.

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