Sex and stravinsky

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sex and stravinsky
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Sex and Stravinsky by Barbara Trapido: review

From her debut novel, Brother Of The More Famous Jack, Barbara Trapido has displayed a relish for comic plots that are Shakespearean in their blithe disregard for realism. - Share on:.

Start by marking “Sex and Stravinsky” as Want to Read: Brilliant Australian Caroline can command everyone except her own ghoulish mother, which means that things aren't easy for Josh and Zoe, her husband and twelve-year-old daughter. I decided to try Barbara Trapido after hearing.
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Comic novelists are rare enough these grim days for the arrival of a new book from Barbara Trapido to be a happy event, all the more so because she is not a prolific writer. Sex and Stravinsky is only her seventh novel, published almost 30 years after her first one, Brother of the More Famous Jack.

Caroline McCleod comes from Melbourne to England in the s to pursue her graduate studies at Oxford. She is 6ft tall, beautiful, full of purpose and ferocious capability, a shining star in the student world of re-used teabags, dandruff and an excess of "floaty purple cheesecloth things". But Caroline is far from being the Amazon she appears. Unloved in childhood, she is forever betraying herself in order to gain the approval of her cold, sour mother. In true fairytale style, she possesses a younger sister on whom all the maternal love is bestowed. Like a couple of leeches, the pair fasten on to Caroline's newly fledged adult life and begin to suck it dry.

Josh meets Caroline in the aforementioned s London sharehouse and they instantly hit it off.

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  1. Compromise may be the stuff of life, but in Sex & Stravinsky it slowly corrupts those who choose it over their hearts' desires, befuddling them.

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