Izuku and ochako fanfiction lemon

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izuku and ochako fanfiction lemon
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AO3 Link: [xXx]., A few months have passed since the events that saw Bakugou's capture by the villain alliance, All Might's victory over his arch nemesis, All for One, and the symbol of peace announcing his retirement.

Umm, first story on Boku no Hero Academia. I warn you, the characters may diverse greatly from the originals due to lewd things.
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Hey everyone, i hope you guys enjoy this. I know i'm a little late on the bandwagon but i just started watching Academia a few days ago and i love it! Should've figured since it was made by the same dude who made One Punch Man. Anyway enjoy.

Ochako turned to see Mina and the other girls smiling at her. Classes had just ended at U. High and everyone was either chatting with their fellow peers or were packing up to head to the dormitory for the day. The only exception was Minoru, who had to stay behind for detention for trying to peep into the female locker room Ever since the end of the term test when she and Yuga Aoyama had to deal with Thirteen, he had gossiped about how she became all flustered when he ask if she loved Deku.

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