Me and my penis

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My wife said that my manhood has shriveled. Can you help?

me and my penis
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Me and my penis: men reveal all. From the sex addict to My kids are adults , so am I allowed to be bothered by their tattoos? My kids are.
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When Penises Are Small

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Long read that gives insight into penis owners Well men get plenty of attention, but first time I've seen so much vulnerability and honesty.
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My Penis and I

By Jane Ridley. His bulk took its toll on his health and sex life. My weight issues date back to my childhood in Woodmere, Long Island, when I would comfort-eat to feel better. It was a shock and the first thing I reached for was a donut. Even though my parents were the greatest in the world, the experience led to a sense of emotional insecurity and fear of abandonment. As the years went by, I piled on the pounds. I got into stand-up comedy and developed this fat, funny persona which I now realize was something to hide behind.

Like virtually every member of the male species, from Neanderthal Man to whatever Glenn Beck is, I grew up absolutely in love with my penis. You start out as a boy, merely curious about that funny little circus peanut between your legs. The affection continues as you hit adolescence. Maybe because you and your penis are inseparable. You go everywhere together.

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