Maryse and melina

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Maryse Ouellet

maryse and melina
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Last night on RAW we saw only the second champion vs. champion match in the women's division as Women's Champion Melina took on Diva's Champion.
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She is best known for her time with World Wrestling Entertainment under the ring name Melina. Perez began her career as a beauty pageant contestant, winning several modelling competitions.
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In April , she was drafted to the Raw brand, and won the WWE Divas Championship for the second time in February , making her the first wrestler to have held the championship on more than one occasion and the only woman in history to win the title via tournament. In April , she returned to the company and became the manager of her husband The Miz, managing him to three Intercontinental Championship reigns.

Champion match. In my previous article I talked about a few possibilities that would've been interesting. However, after reading spoilers from Smackdown's double taping on Tuesday, a new face has entered the show: Michelle McCool. Women's Champion Melina will be coming out to get revenge on Maryse's sneak attack, prompting McCool to come to Maryse's aid. The following week, Michelle will step out on her teammate Maryse and refuse to tag, allowing Melina and Maria to beat Maryse with a roll up. After the match McCool and Maryse will get into it. I'll admit that thanks to this heel turn, I like Michelle McCool.

Last night on RAW we saw only the second champion vs. While the first match between Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool was basically a squash match, this was anything but. The two gelled well together and seemed to have really good chemistry. Maryse busted out a new variation of her unique camel clutch manuever, sitting back on her rear and bending Melina backwards, even applying a heel move by pulling her hair. Melina got back into the match with a hard slap and continued with some nice kicks and moves in the corner.

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