Okcupid race and dating

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How Tinder Accidentally Exposed Society's Inherent Racism

okcupid race and dating
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In , user data on OkCupid showed that most men on the site rated black women as less attractive than women of other races and.
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Black People And Asian Men Have A Much Harder Time Dating On OKCupid

This article folds in person-to-person interactions, what one individual human being thinks of another. Five years ago, the basics of race and attraction on OkCupid looked like this:. In some ways, no.

Data from Tinder and OKCupid prove we still have a lingering societal to give Asian men higher ratings, women of other races—black, Latina.
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Race and Attraction, 2009–2014

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T inder revolutionized the dating world when it was launched five years ago. But, in drastically streamlining the attraction process, and entirely by accident, Tinder became the skeleton key to unlocking data on racism in America.

If you're a black man or woman or Asian man, you're going to have a tougher time getting a date on OKCupid. Users of the popular dating site have a clear bias against certain races, according to a new blog post by OKCupid co-founder Christian Rudder. Rudder looked at millions of OKCupid interactions between and , involving more than 25 million people, and charted out the racial and gender preferences he found. To do this, he studied how people rated potential dates in QuickMatch , a feature that shows you profiles one at a time and asks you to rate them on a scale of one to five or skip them. Asian men, black men and black women got the worst ratings, while Asian women and Latina women fared the best. It's not just people on OKCupid who feel this way. The results here are pretty much the same as data taken from other dating sites.

Racial biases are usually negative, but sometimes they involve giving preferential treatment to particular types of people. So the good news for white men and Asian women is they are the most sought-after demographics on dating sites. Additionally, Asian, Latino, and white women all respond more frequently to white men. Maybe these guys are just really smooth talkers. Although black women responded the most positively toward black men, all other races responded the least to this demographic.

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  1. “Preference” vs. racial bias is a much larger cultural debate, especially in the dating sphere. While we hope to help daters look beyond appearance and connect.

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